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Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
• Easy to install. Plugs into a phone jack and an electrical outlet.

• Hands-free, two-way voice communication.

• Low battery signal.

• Electrical power failure signal.

• Rechargeable backup battery for power outages of 24 to 30    hours.

• Professionally trained and experienced Central Station that is    UL Listed, FM Approved, and CSAA Certified.
Wear it How You Choose
Choose from any one of our designs. They are easy to assemble, put on and take off. You can choose between any of our wrist bands, necklaces or our new custom designed necklaces.
Room & Hallway Buttons
Room and Hallway buttons are easily placed in areas of the home where falls may occur, such as bathrooms, near the bed, at the bottom of a staircase. When pushed, the button activates the Central Monitoring Station the same as a pendant or wristband.
Pressure Sensitive Floor Mats
Sends a signal to the Central Monitoring Station and alerts a caregiver that there was movement in the home. This device helps manage wandering.
Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
These devices alert our Central Monitoring Station when deadly smoke or carbon monoxide gases are present in your home.
Motion Detectors,
Door & Window Contacts
These devices monitor daily activities and may be placed in a hallway or on a cabinet door where medications are kept. Door contacts are great for wanderers who want to leave the home.
Daily Check-In Calls
Not able to keep in touch with an aging family member or friend because of your busy schedule? Have our friendly Central Monitoring Station check in on them. We can place a call to check on them daily.